[openstandaarden] mp3 licentie

dominique devriese fritmebufstek at pandora.be
Wed Apr 3 23:00:49 CEST 2002

dit komt van "mp3licensing.com", in een faq:

I want to support mp3/mp3PRO in my products. Do I need a license?

Yes. As for practically any important technology (and particularly for 
publicly established standards), you should know that patent rights for mp3 
exist. Both Fraunhofer IIS-A and Thomson multimedia have done important work 
to develop mp3 audio compression (before and after it became part of the 
ISO/IEC MPEG standards). This work has resulted in many inventions and 
several patents, covering the mp3 standard. Although others may also hold 
patents, Fraunhofer IIS-A and Thomson multimedia have an important portfolio 
of patents related to mp3. 

 Patent licenses under the combined patent portfolio of Fraunhofer IIS-A and 
Thomson multimedia are granted by Thomson multimedia exclusively. 

 In case your business does not involve the manufacture of relevant products, 
but importation or purchase of such products from a third party manufacturer, 
you are advised to check whether the manufacturer is duly licensed by us, as 
the trade in unlicensed products may expose your company to liability for 
patent infringement. Accordingly, you are advised to obtain licensed products 

en dan vind je ergens op die site de prijzen:

mp3 Decoder 
* US$ 0.75 per unit; or
 * US$ 50 000.00 - US$ 100 000.00 one-time paid-up 

 Encoder / Codec 
* US$ 2.50 - US$ 5.00 per unit

Ik weet niet of dat wil zeggen dat bladeenc en gogo illegaal zijn, maar ik 
denk wel dat dit wil zeggen dat mp3 geen open standaard is.
Tenzij dat ik het verkeerd begrepen heb :)

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