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ZipKid stefan at zipkid.com
Sun Aug 4 20:53:09 CEST 2002

Hallo allemaal,

	Gisteren sprak ik iemand van lilit (Liege Linux Team) over
	OpenStandaarden. Hij was zeer geinteresseerd en zond mij vandaag
	deze mail.


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Hello ZipKid,

We met yesterday in Booischot and you told me about the 
Openstandaarden-project. I just read the pages and it is very 
interesting. Thanks for the tip!
I will mention it in a report I will post to our members' ML, and will 
ask our webmasters to add a link to this site (well, when it will 
-finally- get fully updated...).

I wonder if you know the AEL - Association Electronique Libre 
(http://www.ael.be - also have a look at http://wiki.ael.be).
These few but very active people are especially concerned with legal 
issues and they spend a lot of time reading law projects, official 
reports and other boring things, then spreading the "digested" 
information back to the people. Their president Alexandre Dulaunoy gave 
a speech in Liege about patents and the EUCD, and even Loic Dachary 
(from FSF Europe), another speaker that day, said he was impressed.
They also have good connections with people inside the Belgian 
French-speaking political world, and try to lobby for Open Software and 
Open Standards.
As your site seems to focus on practical advises and information for 
the users, I think your both initiatives are quite complementary. So 
maybe you could join our efforts ?

Talking about efforts, to show my real support, I guess I should 
translate your site pages in French, but I have dozens of things to 
write down before october, so maybe in a few months.

Thanks again.

P.S. This message is CCed to our president, following our LUG's rule : 
we try to keep him informed of all external contacts, so that at least 
one member gets the whole picture..
Snulkid (Liege Linux Team)

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