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Thanks for your comments. The phrase you referred to has been changed.

Thanks for reading News.com.

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I would like to point you to what looks like a minor inaccuracy in an article on your website.

A quote from the article "Start-up spins MP3s for GameBoy" (http://news.com.com/2100-1023-941105.html?tag=fd_top):

"[...]Besides playing songs in the *** STANDARD *** MP3 and Windows Media Audio formats, the SongPro device will also play a proprietary SongPro Audio, or SPA, format [...]"

Please not that Windows Media Audio format is not a standard audio format. It is a proprietary audio format that is designed only to be played by the Microsoft Windows Media Player application, thus strengthening the Microsoft stranglehold on desktop computing.

I, together with may others supporting Open Standard for digital communication, would be grateful if your website would stop referring to the Windows Media Audio format as if it were an established standard, which, again, it is not.
I am sure this would help prevent even greater general public confusion on standards for digital communication.


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