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| Subject: Debian Weekly News - May 8th, 2002
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| Debian Weekly News - May 8th, 2002
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| Open Standards: Principles and Practice. One of the problems Bruce
| Perens is [4]facing when he is representing SPI and Debian in various
| standards organisations is that every one of them has a different
| definition of an Open Standard. Almost all standards organizations
| allow the incorporation of software patents, discriminatory licensing,
| or other features that seriously damage the "open-ness" of the
| standard. Thus, Bruce is [5]presenting to you the first draft of
| [6]Open Standards: Principles and Practice with a link for the
| disucssion list.
|  4. http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-0204/msg02451.html
|  5. http://perens.com/OpenStandards/
|  6. http://perens.com/OpenStandards/Definition.html




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