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Wed Sep 18 21:03:04 CEST 2002

OOo heeft inderdaad momenteel een open specificatie, maar werkt aan een 

Gevonden op de site van OOo: 

Open Office.org Standards Process 
The key objectives of the OpenOffice.org project include:
Establishment of standard, open productivity, XML-based file formats and 
component application programming interfaces (APIs). 
Creation of standard implementation source code for the open office 
productivity utilities that implement the APIs and utilize the XML-based file 
format standards.
 At various times, the OpenOffice.org Foundation will specify new versions of 
these standards. In the case of the file formats and the APIs, it is the 
intent to publish and submit these standards to appropriate standards bodies 
such as OASIS, IETF, and/or the W3C. As previously specified, these standards 
will bear specific version specifications, allowing the compliance testing of 
implementations and products against these standards. 
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