[openstandaarden] Fwd: [asbl-libre] http://perens.com/Articles/SCOCopiedCode.html

David GLAUDE dglaudemailing at gmx.net
Wed Aug 20 01:40:41 CEST 2003


Now it is obvious, there are spy watching [asbl-libre] and forwarding 
the news on [openstandaarden].

It seems there are also counter-spy lurking on [openstandaarden] and 
sending the information on [asbl-libre].

We need to do something about it...


PS: Get your agenda, there will be a protest against software patent on 
the 27 of august from 12H00 to 14H00.
Given the time we have to organise this and the lack of other activities 
on the side (conference or else), we more likely only have Belgian and 
lobbyiest. So we better be ready to spread the word.

Here is where it start: http://wiki.ael.be/index.php/BigDemo27aug

We will produce an ASCII friendly invitation in french. It would be nice 
to have it translated and propagated in Belgian Linux User Group, News 
Forum, Belgian Computer Science Student Association, ...

Feel free to contact http://wiki.ael.be/index.php/BenjaminHenrion about 
the organisation, any help is welcome.

As organisation tools we have:
* Wiki
* Mailing list
* IRC channel
* ...

PPS: You will notice the news is not on [asbl-libre] yet, you are first 
to know. ;-)


Wim Stubbe wrote:

> Dit zal sommigen onder jullie wel interesseren:
> (received from the mailinglist of asbl-libre)
> ----------  Forwarded Message  ----------
> Subject: [asbl-libre] http://perens.com/Articles/SCOCopiedCode.html

Not only I am back from vacation with zillions of mail to read...
But my mailbox was full and some mail may have been rejected in the
morning of 19 August 2003. So wait or resend if I do not react soon.
It also mean I could have missed some mailing-list message. :-(

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