[Openstandaarden] MS Office en XML

Mattias Campe Mattias.Campe at UGent.be
Sat Dec 13 01:10:22 CET 2003

Mark Van den Borre schreef:

> http://developers.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=03/11/17/1345218
> Jullie bedenkingen?

Dit is een artikel betreffende deze materie:

"Thoughts on the Office XML Reference Schemas":

Well, first off, it seems possible that the bit about not being licensed 
to distribute under other license terms bit in the Patent License is a 
clause designed to prevent application that use the Gnu General Public 
License (GPL) from implementing Office XML compatibility.


Second, what the heck can you patent in an XML schema?


Finally -- and most troubling to me -- is this whole business of the 
license only granting you permission to "read and writes files that are 
fully compliant" with the specification, and not being able to create 
modifications or derivatives.


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