[asbl-libre] Re: [openstandaarden] TVA/VAT: Company and Tax on Line

David GLAUDE dglaudemailing at gmx.net
Wed Sep 10 17:59:13 CEST 2003

I think the question was more related to the VAT for company.
I don't know the official name of the system.
I am happy to learn the Tax-on-Line was good and OK.



On the side note, I would like to stress that the authentication of 
Tax-On-Web is not so strong (all the information is on your SiS and/or 
Id Card.

Since I don't like the Belgian Electronic Id Card... I hope we will not 
use that for the next Tax-On-Web.

Now if the identification for Tax-On-Web was OK, then why do we need 
such a card for enabling the e-Government?

I hope the CIE (Carte Identité Electronique) will be Open Standaarden 
approved too...

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