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Jo Vermeulen jo at lumumba.luc.ac.be
Tue Apr 13 23:54:55 CEST 2004

Op di 13-04-2004, om 22:05 schreef Wim Deprez:
> Henrion Benjamin wrote:
> > Can someone translate this PR from NL to EN and FR?
> > 
> > http://www.openstandaarden.be/pipermail/openstandaarden/2004-April/004925.html
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> Hi,
> i noticed that still nobody reacted to this post (or am i wrong? the 
> internet is borked here lately...), so i tried to translate the PR to 
> English. if the attachment doesn't work well, you can find it as well on 
> http://lumumba.luc.ac.be/wim/work/pressrelease20040414.txt .
> my English is not very well, but i gave it a try, hope it is not too bad.
> Many kind greetings and success,

Idem from me!

Just a quick spellcheck :-)
> ______________________________________________________________________
> press release "Softwarepatenten.be"
> ====================================================================
> 14/04/04: Once again massive demonstrations against software patents
> ====================================================================
> During the Irish chairmanship of the EU is the proposed directive

Remove "is" from the sentence.

> about software patents returned to the political level. Due to a
> document that simply cancels the former adjustments made by the
> European Parliament, the proponents and opponents of software patents
> are back in discussion. Besides an online strike of webpages, the
> demonstraters 


> out of the whole EU will display their displeasure this
> Wednesday (the 14th of April) in Brussels.
> The Irish sent the case back to CoRePer on the 6th of April. 

> That

Maybe it's better to use "This" instead of "That".

<snip />

> The investments in patents have actually leaded to a decline of the

... have in fact lead to ...

> available research funds and even removal from the investments by
> Research & Development within this sector. This is concluded from the
> most detailed studies and confirmed by managers."
> The program of events on the 14th of April is:

Maybe this is better: "This is the planning for the 14th of April":

> 10:00  press conference at the European Parliament, room AG2
> 11:30  demonstration, actions and lectures in front of the
>        building of the European Parliament
> 14:00  conference with politicians, scientists and managers at
>        the European Parliament, room AG2
> A detailed overview of the manifestations can be found at:
>    http://plone.ffii.org/events/2004/bxl04/prep/
>    http://demo.ffii.org/
> More information about the present situation:

current situation

>    http://www.softwarepatenten.be/raad
> Photographs of the demonstration, free of copyright, will
> be available from Wednesday at:

Uncopyrighted photographs of the demonstration will be ...


Uncopyrighted pictures of the demonstration will be ...

>    http://wiki.ael.be/index.php/Demo14and15aprilPictures
> =========================================================================

Kind regards,

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