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Title: Importance of Open Standards

Two main subjects during this speech
  * Open Standards
  * Software patents
What are Open Standards
  * Open specification
     free, online available specification that allows a fully functional
  * Free specification
     open, no restrictions (patents, licenses, ...)
  * Open Standard
     free, accepted by a standards organisation (preferably acknowledged by CEN)
Why use Open Standards
  * no vendor lock-in
  * interoperability
  * free implementation possible (FLOSS!)
  * information is not attached to a specific program (.doc - Word)
  * avoids creation of monoculture
Why Open Standards are important for FLOSS
  * Open standards enable possibility of free implementaion
  * easier goal than promoting FLOSS !
     certainly for people who are used to windows, and are fearfull of changing
   in short term
Long Term Goal - Use of Open Standards in:
  * Government
  * Education
  * Workspace
How to achieve this goal
  * Lobbying at
     political parties
     references to some good webpages on european level (some at Eurolinux/EFF)
     government (local, regional, federal, european level)
     belangenorganisaties (zoals unizo, vbo, ...)
     organizations representing the above (VVSG, ...)
  * promote use of open standards where possible (home, workspace, school)
  * writing articles in local newspapers, magazines, ...
  * support organisations who want to use OSB
     VVSG, ...
Other initiatives
<added but mentioned only if Eurolinux talks about patents instead>
Ask for supporting second manif Eurolinux/EFF

Optioneel wordt onderstaande gegeven door Eurolinux/EFF.
In dit geval dienen enkele argumenten in onderstaand gedeelte geintegreerd te
worden in bovenstaande tekst.

Title: Software Patents
Why are they bad:
  * only good for big companies (patent portfolio's)
     creates monoculture
     risk for local software companies trough cross licensing
          (no real protection for small companies hence, risk of loss of local
     employment (werkgelegenheid))
  * impossible to make a free implementation
  * it's a hoax: copyright offers enough protection
  * blocks use of open (communication) standards
  * blocks competition
     openoffice users can't read ms-office format
  * most of the filed patents are owned by american and japanes companies
Some bad patents
  IPO0689133 : dialogs with tabs
  IPO394160: use of a progress bar
  IPO803105: almost any form of online sale
screenshot van pagina met veel overtredingen op patenten
Other references:
  * http://www.researchoninnovation.org/swpat.pdf
Ask for supporting second manif Eurolinux/EFF

met vriendelijke groet,

Wim Stubbe


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