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Wouter Vanden Hove wouter.vanden.hove at pandora.be
Fri Jan 23 19:11:57 CET 2004

Belgian 'Computer Magazine' Recommends Mozilla Firebird, Beonex and
Thursday January 22nd, 2004
bim writes: "The Belgian monthly Computer Magazine has an extremely
positive article about Mozilla. The article looks at alternative
browsers, but really only includes Gecko-based software. They examined
Firebird, Beonex and K-Meleon and praise all three for their speed,
features, download size, stability and security. The article concludes
that it doesn't matter which Gecko-based browser you choose, you'll
always be better of than when you stick with Internet Explorer.

"CM is available in Belgium both in a Dutch and French version."

Iemand hier die CM ontvangt?

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