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Thierry Geers geers.thierry at geers-zoon.org
Wed Feb 23 23:55:13 CET 2005

Hello Free & Open source Software supporters!

We could use your help at FOSDEM 2005! (26&27-02-2005)
FOSDEM 2005, the fifth Free and Open source Software Developer's 
European Meeting will take place in Brussels.

Of course you're all eagerly waiting for an opportunity such as this, to 
contribute to the biggest developer meeting in Europe! So here it is, a 
list of things you could do at FOSDEM 2005:

1. Helping out at the FIT infodesk.

- You'll be greeting/helping visitors, talking English, Dutch, French, 
German,... . You don't have to be fluent in all these languages, one 
will suffice.
- You'll be handling donations.

We already have a couple of documents which contain lots of information 
regarding the FOSDEM event, the surroundings and varia.
Furthermore, you will be assisted by a couple of experienced infodesk 

2. Permanent vigilance in the available rooms

- You'll be listening to some talks, being the contact person for the 
speaker, keeping a watchful eye on our dear equipment, making sure it 
doesn't get damaged or stolen.
- You'll be teamed up with a number of others, making sure there's 
always 1 (one) person in the room. Since you are not alone, you'll be 
able to switch rooms.

3. Setting up & Cleaning

- You want to help set things up Friday (25/2) evening at the ULB campus?
- You want to help set things up Saturday morning at the ULB campus?
- You want to help set things up (again) Sunday morning at the ULB campus?
- You want to help clean up Saturday and Sunday evening?

More information about FOSDEM can be found on the FOSDEM website: 

If you would like to help out, please put your name and timeframe on our 
wiki: http://wiki.fosdem.org/tiki-index.php?page=Volunteers . You need 
to register first though.
You don't like wiki's, or don't want to register? No problem. Just reply 
to this mail and tell us in which timeframe you can help out.

Hope to see you all at Fosdem!

The Fosdem Staff

Thierry Geers
AEL Member - Association Electronique Libre

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