[Openstandaarden] Tutorial Xhtml2 and Xforms 3/10/2005 in Antwerpen

Vansnick Rudi rudi.vansnick at isoc.be
Fri Sep 23 16:08:46 CEST 2005

W3C Benelux en ISOC Belgium organiseren een seminarie Tutorial on XHTML2 en
XFORMS op 3 oktober 2005 in Antwerpen. Dit seminarie is het resultaat van het
samenwerkingsverband tussen W3C Benelux en ISOC België en Nederland en hebben
tot doel om zonder winstoogmerk kennis over nieuw ontwikkelde technologie en
toepassingen te verspreiden in de Benelux. Specialisten uit binnen- en
buitenland brengen u up-to-date bij de belangrijkste issues en ontwikkelingen op
webgebied (http://www.isoc.be/Organisaties/Xhtml2Xforms2005.htm)

XHTML2 is the proposed next version of XHTML. Its aims include:
- As generic XML as possible: if a facility exists in XML, try to use that
rather than duplicating it. 
- Less presentation, more structure: use stylesheets for defining presentation. 
- More usability: within the constraints of XML, try to make the language easy
to write, and make the resulting documents easy to use. 
- More accessibility: some call it 'designing for our future selves' - the
design should be as inclusive as possible. 
- Better internationalization: since it is a World Wide Web. 
... and much more

XForms is the new technology that replaces HTML Forms.
HTML Forms, introduced in 1993, were the basis of the e-commerce revolution.
After a decade of experience it has become clear how to improve on them, for the
end user, the author, and the owners of the services that the forms are
addressing. XForms is the new technology, announced in October 2003, that
replaces HTML Forms.

More detailed information at :

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