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Dieter Van Uytvanck dietvu at village.uunet.be
Fri Feb 10 17:38:18 CET 2006

Hello Openstandaarden list,

I just got this mail from Flemming, who is very interested in the
situation about open standards. Can someone inform him about the
Belgian/Flemish situation? Didn't we have a law making the use of open
standards in governmental organisations obligatory?

And on a more broader level: shouldn't we document for every EU
country what the official situation with regards to open standards is?
I got more questions like Flemming's one before, and it would be good
if we could create some overview site or wiki. It could give local
initiatives a real boost if they can see that they are not the only
one involved in the promotion of open standards.

I'm putting Flemming in CC, as he is not subscribed to this list.

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From: Flemming Bjerke <flem at bjerke.dk>
Subject: Open standards

In Denmark, we work politically to promote government use of open standards. 
But, we need to know more about what happens in other EU-countries. 

Please, help us finding people in the other EU-countries that are updated 
about the political situation concerning open standards.

Please, forgive me, that I wrote this off topic mail.

Flemming Bjerke
flem at bjerke.dk

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Met vriendelijke groeten,

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