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Wouter Vanden Hove wouter.vanden.hove at pandora.be
Mon Dec 8 03:18:14 CET 2003

Op vr 05-12-2003, om 03:49 schreef Nicolas Pettiaux:
> On Thu, Dec 04, 2003 at 11:11:50PM +0100, Wouter Vanden Hove wrote:
> > De presentaties van dinsdag-avond staan online
> > http://www.bfia.be/
> > 
> > 
> > 'Open Source Software' by Eugene Van Roessel, WTCM en VSP, are now
> > available on-line: 
> > http://www.bfia.be/OSS_FBVI_021203.ppt
> > (tot zover promotie open standaarden)
> > 
> > 
> > The slides of the presentation on the evening conference of 2 december
> > 2003,  one on 'Public Policy and ICT Skills: A framework for Europe' by
> > Hugo Lueders, Computing Technology Industry Association,
> > http://www.bfia.be/HL2Dec_slides.ppt
> > 
> > 
> > wouter
> thanks.
> WHo attended the seminar ? 
> What was the public ? 

The lecture was given at the Vlerick Business School, so it was mostly a
business-oriented public. 
I heard there were people from Microsoft, Gardner Group, Sidmar, some
lecturers of Vlerick, some consultants,..
In total, around 20 people.


> How many journalists where there ?
None, I think. I didn't see any.

>  Who, from the community attended and spoke ?
Me :)
The organiser was happy to hear someone with counterarguments.
In my opinion the presentation was rather superficial, 
focussing on price and nothing upon the deeper, more fundamental issues.

However, it is it impossible to speak "for the community" since opinions
are very divided on the topic of FLOSS-preferences in government.

Also present and giving some counterarguments was Etienne Saliez,
vice-president of a Walloon Organisation I didn't know before: 
"Coordination, Recherche, et Traitement de l'Information en Soins de
Santé Primaire, Networl, ASBL, non profit organistation in Open Source."
They have a website at www.crisnet.be

Lesson learned: if people talk about "open standards", ALWAYS ask them
to define those terms. DO NOT ASSUME they mean the same thing as they do

Wouter Vanden Hove

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