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David GLAUDE dglaudemailing at gmx.net
Tue Jun 17 18:01:31 CEST 2003

For those that want to listen to the debate that took place the day 
before in JURI meeting, some recording are available. (most of the MEP 
present were in favor of software patent but it is good to hear what 
they say and how far it is from what is actually in the text).

RealAudio version + speaker name and timestamp:

MP3 version (two languages, one on each side):

The only language recorded were:
VO+FR and EN+GE so sorry there was no recorder on the dutch channel.

You can also check the GREENs/EFA press release:

Some more on their web site...


PS: Don't loose hope, the vote were positive for a JURI comittee...
1/3 voted our way, this mean not only the green but some member of other 
group. So we can try to convince more members of other group before 
plenary session... Remember the ITRE and CULT vote were very positive. 
So it mean at least those MEP will continue to thing software patent 
should be stopped and patent inflation is not good for innovation.

Starting from now we can lobby any MEP, not only JURI+CULT+ITRE, but 
each and every belgian MEP.

Dieter Van Uytvanck wrote:
> Voor wie het nog niet zou weten:
> de JURI-stemming van deze middag is nogal slecht afgelopen...
> Groeten,
> Dieter

Don't let the computer/expert control the election
Information for Belgium in french: http://www.poureva.be/

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