[Openstandaarden] Instant messaging - jullie gedacht?

Mark Van den Borre mark at markvdb.be
Thu Oct 16 12:24:02 CEST 2003

Dag allemaal,

Ik ben even in mijn pen gekropen naar aanleiding van het gedoe rond de
recente upgrade van het MSN Messenger-protocol.

Jullie commentaar op onderstaande tekst?



Their network. Their protocol. Their hardware. Their cost ... MY

If I can only get in touch online with my contacts on terms that comapny
X sets unilaterally, there is a problem.

Some kind of regulation is desperately needed here.

A more healthy situation for the IM world would be like:

Companies X, Y and Z provide instant messaging services.
* X, Y and Z must fully disclose all their messaging specs.
* The user must be able to export all of his/her user information
(contacts!) from the company X, Y or Z network painlessly.
* X, Y and Z can't offer any messaging clients themselves (no messing
with specs, guaranteed).
? X, Y and Z aren't allowed to check what messaging client is being
used. Just to make sure they don't discriminate based upon that.
* X, Y and Z can charge every user a uniform, transparent access fee,
flat or usage based. No fee discrimination based upon client platform.

These conditions look fair to everyone:

The offering companies can make money from competing for the user's IM

The users aren't locked in to any IM network.
Mark Van den Borre
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