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Dieter Van Uytvanck dietvu at village.uunet.be
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is er iemand op tegen als openstandaarden.be zou deelnemen aan de
online demo tegen softwarepatenten?

Met de huidge EU-politiek wordt er immers niet aan open standaarden
gedacht. Nee, liever éénmalige boetes uitdelen en RAND licenties laten
afsluiten ...


Q.: Does Microsoft have intellectual property over the interface
information to be disclosed?

A.: The Commission is not seeking disclosure of Microsoft's source code.
The Commission does not exclude that the information that the Decision
obliges Microsoft to disclose might be protected by intellectual
property rights in the EU. To the extent that it is, the Decision finds
that in line with the relevant jurisprudence, the exceptional
circumstances of the case (Microsoft's overwhelming dominance,
indispensability of the interface information, risk of elimination of
competition in the market) would mandate such disclosure.

Q.: How will the Commission ensure that Microsoft does not exclude
competitors from the market by setting very high royalties for the
information in question?

A.: To the extent that any of the information in question is protected
by intellectual property rights in the EEA, Microsoft is entitled to
reasonable remuneration. It will be the role of the Monitoring Trustee,
under the authority of the Commission, to ensure that Microsoft does not
charge too high a price for the information.

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Neen tegen softwarepatenten in de EU! --> http://www.softwarepatenten.be/

!!! 14 april: demonstratie tegen softwarepatenten, Brussel       !!!
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!!! April 14th: demonstration against software patents, Brussels !!!
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