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Ik ben zelfs voor...

Dieter Van Uytvanck  (9/04/04  12:49):
>is er iemand op tegen als openstandaarden.be zou deelnemen aan de
>online demo tegen softwarepatenten?
>Met de huidge EU-politiek wordt er immers niet aan open standaarden
>gedacht. Nee, liever éénmalige boetes uitdelen en RAND licenties laten
>afsluiten ...
>Q.: Does Microsoft have intellectual property over the interface
>information to be disclosed?
>A.: The Commission is not seeking disclosure of Microsoft's source code
>The Commission does not exclude that the information that the Decision
>obliges Microsoft to disclose might be protected by intellectual
>property rights in the EU. To the extent that it is, the Decision finds
>that in line with the relevant jurisprudence, the exceptional
>circumstances of the case (Microsoft's overwhelming dominance,
>indispensability of the interface information, risk of elimination of
>competition in the market) would mandate such disclosure.
>Q.: How will the Commission ensure that Microsoft does not exclude
>competitors from the market by setting very high royalties for the
>information in question?
>A.: To the extent that any of the information in question is protected
>by intellectual property rights in the EEA, Microsoft is entitled to
>reasonable remuneration. It will be the role of the Monitoring Trustee,
>under the authority of the Commission, to ensure that Microsoft does
>charge too high a price for the information.
>Homepage: <http://www.student.kun.nl/dieter.vanuytvanck/>
>Neen tegen softwarepatenten in de EU! --> http://www.softwarepatenten.
>!!! 14 april: demonstratie tegen softwarepatenten, Brussel       !!!
>!!!            -----> http://demo.ffii.org <-----                !!!
>!!! April 14th: demonstration against software patents, Brussels !!!

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