[Openstandaarden] e-bay stopt support voor Microsoft Passport

Peter Vandenabeele peter.vandenabeele at mind.be
Wed Jan 5 15:47:43 CET 2005

Is dit goed nieuws ? Een belanrijke e-Commerce die niet langer
Microsoft Passport supporteert. Of gewoon een corporate 
machtsspelletje maar zonder fundamentele impact ?

Gecopieerd uit de SANS Newsdigest (http://www.sans.org)

 --eBay Discontinues Use of Microsoft's Passport
 (3 January 2005/31/30 December 2004)
 eBay has informed its customers that it will no longer allow them to
 sign on using Microsoft's Passport web identity service, which allows   
 users to store information like passwords and credit card data to be
 used on the Internet.  An eBay spokesman said very few customers used
 Passport to sign on regularly.  Passport has met with resistance, as
 evidenced by the formation of the Liberty Alliance, which hoped to
 develop standards for identity authentication on the Internet and
 promote alternatives to Passport.  Microsoft has announced that it will
 no longer market Passport to third parties, but will continue to stand
 behind Passport, using it for MSN and their partners and providing   
 support to third party sites that continue to use the service.
 [Editor's Note (Schultz): Any kind of "one credential fits all" scheme
 is poor from a security perspective because it is so subject to
 widespread abuse by anyone who steals a credential. Electronic
 transactions require stronger authentication schemes than many
 financial and other organizations currently use.]

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