[Openstandaarden] Software Patents Directive: associations call to demonstrate all over Europe

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Mon May 23 14:53:21 CEST 2005

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Software Patents Directive: associations call to demonstrate all over Europe


PRESS RELEASE -- [ Europe / economy / ICT ]

Brussels, 22th May 2005.

The coming vote of the European Parliament will be decisive in whether software
patents are introduced in Europe. Members of the European Parliament are
currently visited every day by an army of professional lobbyists to convince
them that software patents are a good thing for small enterprises and
independant developers.

Patents on software will render development more risky, and will endanger every
software programmer in Europe. It is important to raise your voice before it is
too late. If the Parliament votes in favour of some amendments which allow
software patent loopholes, they will endanger a majority of jobs of the
European IT sector.

AEL.be and Openstandaarden.be invites people who are concerned by the dangers
of software patents to demonstrate on 2nd June in Brussels and in some other
European cities, and as well on the Internet [1]. It is important to raise the
awareness of Members of the European Parliament that giving a 20 year monopoly
on software ideas is the worst thing they can do.

Alexandre Dulaunoy comments: "Software and computer programs have always been
subject to copyright law as they are a form of writing. Introducing software
patents will be in conflict with well-established and proven author's rights.
Software patents will allow patent monopolies to limit innovation within
Europe's knowledge based economy. A free society is closely linked to the
ability to create and build a free market. As we want to keep a free society,
we are firmly opposed to software patents."

Mark Vandenborre, from Openstandaarden mentions: "We hope for a mobilisation
from all over Europe, so that the pro-patent lobby won't succeed in their
disinformation campaign. The lobbying of big corporations in the European
Parliament is very intensive, and they try to create an illusion that patents
are good for small players [2]."

One year ago, the 18th May 2004, Mr Bolkestein and the Irish presidency reached
an agreement on a text which will legalise patents on every software idea.

On the 7th March 2005, the Luxembourg presidency ignored their own rules of
procedure to get the directive formally approved, against the will of 3
countries who wanted to reopen negotiations.

The European Parliament will vote on the Directive on the 6th July.


More infos

[1] http://noepatents.eu.org

[2] http://wiki.ffii.org/EictaSme050425En



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About AEL

The Association Electronique Libre is a Belgian association protecting
fundamental rights in the information society.

AEL supports freedoms of speech, press and association on the Internet or any
electronic medium, the right to use encryption software for private
communication, the right to create software unimpeded by private monopolies,
the right to access and preserve public domain and free digital information.

About Openstandaarden

OpenStandaarden.be's mission is to promote the use of open standards in all
digital communication. Our approach consists of building a constructive dialog
with IT staff and decision makers. We want to create awareness about the
importance of open standards, and convince them to effectively apply them. We
are a group of independent volunteers, committed to offer our expertise in
order to realise these goals.


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